2011 RGB Gallery Lounge, “Poem One - Back 2 Basics”, Chicago, IL  USA


2018 Ceart Tomas y Valiente Art Center,  “Art is not a Crime”, Madrid,Spain

2016 One Art Space Gallery, “The IRT Show”, N.Y , N.Y,  USA

2014 City Lore Gallery, “Moving Murals” , N.Y , N.Y, USA

2014 Rue de l’art Galerie,“NYC Subway Map Expo”,  Lyon, France

2011 Galerie MathGoth, “Subway Maps Art”, Paris, France

2012 Pure Evil Gallery, “New York Kings”, London, England                                 

2013 Lebenson Gallery, “New York Kings” ,  Paris, France

2013 UP Art Studio, “Still UP Yours on Main Street”, Houston, TX, USA

2008 Space Gallery, “Graff Fetish” , San Francisco, CA , USA

1998 Vincent Louis Galleries, “The Next Millennium”, N.Y, N.Y , USA


2017 “New York Flavor,”  Music Video by Hip-Hop group Artifacts & singer Denise Weeks for “New York Bagel Supreme” Mcdonald’s

2017 “The Platform 2: More NYC Subway Graffiti 83’ to 89’” by Paul Cavalieri  

2011 “The Platform: Subway Graffiti, 1983-1989” by Paul Cavalieri

2006 “Burning New York” by James T. & Karla L. Murray

2000 “Source Magazine” full page featured in May Issue

1996  “New York: Graffiti 1970-1995” by Markus Wiese

1984  “Subway Art” by Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant 

1983  “Subway Graffiti” by Thomas Christ 

1998 “FX Crew the Video”  Abstract Video, Inc


2019 Urban Morphogenesis Graffiti Art Festival, Russia     Murals painted on 20 story high rise buildings in Trehgorka district in Odintsovo, Moscow. The largest open-air museum of contemporary art in Moscow region district of Odintsovo, Russia

2017 Murals painted on and for highway billboards in Holland, for a Mcdonald’s Dutch campaign  "New York Bagel Supreme". 

The project was filmed in Netherland”s and broadcasted worldwide with TV ads that ran on Dutch television.

2017 “MTV Video Music Awards” Nominations Mural in First Street Park, Manhattan, NY

2017 Centre-fuge Public Art Project, Abstract Mural, Manhattan, NY

2017 Bushwick Collective open-air gallery painted “POEM” mural for the 7th annual Bushwick Collective Block Party,

Brooklyn, NY

2016 “Poem One Live Stream”, Street Art performance on Facebook